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The Key to Success

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door and keyOn the way into my home the other day, I had a bunch of items in my hands.  It was freezing outside.  I believe the temperature was 47 degrees to be exact, with a wind chill of 40 degrees.


I’m hurrying to get into the house, and struggle to get my keys out of my left coat pocket with my right hand.  After fumbling a bit, I finally get the keys and since there are so many on the chain I meet the next obstacle:  getting the right key and putting it into the door.

Now, it didn’t take long for me to get the right key, but it sure as hell took me forever to get the key into the lock with all the items I had in my hands. I had this brief thought that maybe……just maybe, I should put the items down to just get the key into the lock.

I shuddered at the thought, quickly shook it out  of my mind, and kept working on trying to make the key fit. The reason I didn’t put my things on the ground was because I thought that it would take too much time to pick them back up.






But I didn’t see it that way.  I was being efficient and making the most of my time.


At this point I’m shivering, frustrated and angry because it’s too cold to be taking forever to get in the house.  Finally the key fit into the lock and I was freed from the Arctic Tundra.


That’s when it hit me.  Why on earth did I go through all of that just to get into my house?


I had the key, but couldn’t open the door because I had too much stuff in my hands.




What key do you possess?  What’s preventing you from opening the door to your destiny?  Are you holding on to too many things?  Are your hands so full that you can’t use the key that God has given you to open the door for yourself and others?


We often ask God to open a door for us.  Open up the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing!


And He will at times.


On other occasions, He’ll provide a closed door, because He created you as the key He had in mind.  You could be the key to unlocking the door to someone else’s freedom but because you are too bogged down with baggage, and just excessive stuff, you are fumbling with your key?


People will often tell you that the keys to success in a list of to-dos, and I’m not knocking it. Some of the material is very insightful, but the master key to your success, is…..




You are the key.  You are either the key to the door you were made to create or the key to a door that someone else who has gone before you, created.  Either way, you have to make a decision to get the baggage and excessive stuff out of your hands, before you wind up outside, frozen from the inability to move forward with your purpose.


What do I mean by baggage or just excessive stuff?


I think we all are aware of the concept of bring emotional baggage such as trust issues, insecurities, momma and daddy issues, etc.  Therefore, I will not be delving into those things today.  I want to talk about excessive stuff.



When I say, excessive stuff, I’m referring to aimless activities.


In first starting this journey, I used to run toward anything I deemed as an opportunity.  If someone called or sent an email saying they wanted me to do something, I went running.  My motive was different then.  I wanted to be famous.  I wanted to make money, so I went anywhere that gave the “promise” of providing me exposure.


It took a few months or maybe even a year, before I realized I was running in circles.  You remember Moses and all those people lost in the wilderness for 40 years?


Yea.  They were fumbling with their keys, and just couldn’t seem to get it right.  They never could possess the land because they were focused on the wrong things.


There I was, in activities, that had not centralized focus or mission.  They were just that, activities.  Hobbies I called business.  What I know now is a lot different.  While my motives were off, the door of opportunity remained.  I simply had to identify what was key to the whole process…




I had to get some of that excessive stuff out of my hands before inserting the key into the lock of the door I was made to create.  I have created a door.  Now is the time to unlock it.


In other words, I had to say “No” to some inquiries.  No, to some events, friends, and pleasures.


I still believe I have things in my hands so to speak, but I can say that the key is in the lock.  If I can get two more things out of my hands, I’ll be able to turn the key and then the knob.


One thing’s for sure, when you figure out how the locksmith designed you—ridges and all—you will unlock doors you wouldn’t have imagined. But first, you have to focus and get the junk out of your hands.

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