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Cage Free Voices Radio is an innovative educational entertainment youth and young adult radio show that provides a platform for youth ages 13-25 to become advocates/change- makers in their communities by giving them a voice.

Our goals are as follows:

  • Increase positive student dialogue around social, economic and political issues consistently impacting youth which include but are not limited to: bullying, body-image, inclusion, etc.
  • Improve literacy and student engagement by offering a platform for students to showcase their work
  • Enhance writing skills and student engagement though an interactive curriculum by offering students a platform to showcase their work through radio submission.

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What We Do:

Among the many specialized programs, CFV offers music, radio, journalism, poetry, workshops, conferences, and seminars. Our programs are designed to improve rates of literacy for disengaged youth and those with special education needs. CFV offers curricula that not only focus on phonemic awareness, comprehension, fluency, and creative writing; we provide a platform for artistic expression.

Our Services

We offer interest-driven programming, understanding students are more likely to engage in topics that are relevant and relational. While we keep student interest at the forefront, our programs are also Common Core aligned. Instruction is broken down into smaller, more manageable tasks and organized to limit distractions while still providing authentic experiences.

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How it Aligns and Supports Your School/Organization

Junior High (7th & 8th grades)

  • Cage Free Voices Afterschool Creative Writing and Performing Arts Club:
    • Vocabulary Building
    • Figurative Language
    • Creative Writing
    • Song writing & analysis

Grades (8th – 10th)

  • Afterschool Enrichment Program:
    • English
    • Spoken word performances
    • Creative Writing
    • Radio interviews

High School/ College Prep (10th -12th grades)

  • Literacy, Radio & Performing Arts
  • An English Credit Bearing Alternative:
  • An alternative course for dis-engaged youth and those with special education needs. We offer students hands on learning experiences that are authentic, relational, and relevant.
  • English
  • Studio Recording
  • Radio Interviews

Cage Free Voices Radio: An Elective Course (2 semesters, 2 credits):

Basic principles of journalism (investigative reporting, ethics, writing, and communications). This course features collaborative learning techniques, music creation, radio interviews, and performance to prepare students for careers in journalism, performing arts, writing, and broadcasting—all in line with Common Core and Career Technical Education (CTE) standards. Students will study social, political, and economic issues such as homelessness, body image and identity, human rights, voting, etc. Through this course, students will:

  • Demonstrate language arts knowledge and skills required to pursue the full-range of post-secondary education and career opportunities.
  • Select and employ appropriate reading and communication strategies to learn and use technical concepts and vocabulary in practice.
  • Demonstrate use of the concepts, strategies, and systems for obtaining and conveying ideas and information to enhance communication in the workplace.

Summer Programming /Summer Credit Recovery (Grades 8-12)

Our four-week intensive summer program immerses students in writing, poetry, music, communications and radio. Students spend time building vocabulary, comprehension and public speaking skills while also creating music, recording and learning the art of interviewing through radio/podcasting. In these three months, your student will:

  • Improve reading comprehension and fluency
  • Enhance writing skills through the use of figurative language
  • Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text
  • Initiate and participate effectively in a range of collaborative discussions
  • Organize oral and written information.
  • Comprehend key elements of oral and written information such as cause/effect, comparisons/contrasts, conclusions, context, purpose, charts/tables/graphs, evaluation/critiques, mood, persuasive text, sequence, summaries, and technical subject matter.

Short Term Projects:

Our short-term four-to-eight-hour intensive project provides students an introduction to communications, performance, and radio. Short-term projects are offered during half-days and professional development days.

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The typical recommended program is a semester long in the range of 32 hours (two hours a week for 4 months).

(Contact: Bathsheba Smithen at to find out more about our program).


CFV Radio is sponsored by Impact Hub DC, and located at 419 7th Street Northwest, D.C.

In partnership with WPGC’s (95.5) The Opportunity, Blue Room Studios and WHUT


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