Divorce to Restoration

Cage Free Voices presents From Divorce to Restoration: A One-Woman Show fusing poetry, hip-hop, and drama into a 90-minute production opening the fall of 2018. It is a story of love, pain, healing, and empowerment which will have viewers experience an emotional rollercoaster while opening up a much-needed dialogue regarding how to bounce back from the emotional, mental, and physical damage resulting from a dramatic loss. While the story centers around examples of divorce, it is a must-see for anyone who has been hurt as a result of any form of broken relationship.

From Divorce to Restoration is a journey that began with one and has expanded into the voices of many. The characters of our “One Woman” production represent the inner voices of every woman and our guest appearances add to the quality of this innovative play. It moves and grows organically as more women share their experiences with separation and divorce. Our goal is to allow audiences to find peace, enlightenment, and dialogue that will resonate in their own lives. Divorce to  Restoration is ever-changing, a unique play that will remain current and in touch with the pulse of its audience. A production that eventually travels the globe, DTR shares a message of self-realization, coping, surviving, and healing. Look for our future performances in your area.

“This is so needed…for women and men!”

– Christy Lewis

“I HAVE met the force behind it. Bathsheba is a light, a spark of divinity and gift to women on the road to healing! I can’t WAIT!!!”

– Versannette Blackman-Bosia

The Journey


From Divorce to Restoration is based on the true story of Cage Free Voices, CEO and Founder, Bathsheba Smithen, who created the production out of a passion and desire to share a message about healing. “The show opens up a dialogue and shows examples of how lives can be made whole,” says Smithen. “The characters are real people dealing with the stories that are relevant and recent, making it easy for people to connect.”


“It is a story for everyone. It will create moments of honesty for viewers to look at themselves, leaving them wiser, informed, and one step closer to restoration,” explains Smithen. “ Counselors will be able to determine what additional questions to ask clients, the church body will receive insight and a better understanding on how to address someone who already may feel judged or condemned, and victims will find where they are in the healing process; hopefully providing direction to restoration. Everyone will leave with something.”


Smithen shares her story through characters who endure many challenges after suffering a devastating blow, leaving her to deal with the truth of a marriage that has ended. At a moment’s notice, she must find refuge for her and her four-year-old daughter, while managing the shame and guilt she “feels,” after having to portray a picture-perfect life as a Christian woman. Along her journey, she meets two other women who understand her plight of divorce. Through their stories, you’ll see first-hand how they triumph and in the end gain insight into the process of being restored.

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Purchase tickets to reserve your spot! A private viewing of the production will take place at the Black Box Theater in Indian Head, MD on Saturday, July 14, 2018, at 7 pm. A public showing will follow soon after.

The latest information regarding the production and its debut can be found by visiting @divorcetorestoration on Facebook.

Bloggers and media personnel are invited to view the free showing. Contact dtr@cagefreevoices.com for more information.

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From Divorce to Restoration is not your average One Woman Show. It could not have been achieved without the team that came together to offer their love, time, and talents making it a success. This cast and crew were truly connected through divine intervention.  Each actress brought their own experience and passion to drive home the hard-hitting feelings that come with relationships and divorce. The stage manager, sound, lighting, and set designers have created the tone for a piece that represents the light and dark side of our everyday lives. The passion of the Director guided our talented cast to push through the boundaries that they set for themselves. Her love and dedication to this play is invaluable. Our Producers saw the need for women’s voices to be heard as they struggled to overcome the emotional journey of love and love lost. This show is for so many, and words cannot fully express the gratitude that our playwright has for the cast and crew who made her work a reality. Additional acting and production coaching provided by A Ton of Fun Theater and Productions.

The DTR Team is requesting your help through a 100 for $100 campaign, looking for 100 people to donate $100. The money will assist with production needs such as costumes, props, set design, and more. Have an interest in theatre production? There are many opportunities to get involved. We want to hear from you!