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Client Testimonial

Lee Vreeland, Chief Academic Officer, Achievable Dream Academies

“The Mirrors with Images workshops that you conducted with our students was fantastic. The students had the opportunity to think critically about themselves and the influences that others have on them. The students were extremely engaged through your original songs, live performance, art and reflection.” The students continue to talk about your workshops and look forward to you returning in January. I know your impact on their lives will be immeasurable for years to come! Thank you for your commitment to today’s youth.”


Anna Smunt (Teacher), E.L. Haynes PCS

“The performance was amazingly tailored to my school’s demographics. Ms. Smithen recited poetry and performed music that was thematically relevant to the issues that my sixth graders are dealing with right now. You could see the smiles of understanding on their faces as they nodded to her words. She really took the time to discuss the meanings of her poems with the students, bridging the gap between lyrical poetry in and out of the classroom; they could really apply what they had learned in school! It was obvious how taken they were with her and her poetry, since the first questions they asked were about “the next time you come back…” 


Sarah Wohlers, 9th grade English Teacher

“From a teacher’s perspective, the workshop was great. It had the students really analyze themselves internally and how people viewed them externally. It prepared them for their future by having them strengthen their views of themselves so that they could work past other people’s expectations of them. It was also wonderful that you could relate to them since you attended “the dream” yourself. From my point of view, the students really enjoyed the workshop!”

MenSa Maa, Principal, William W. Hall Academy

“Thank you so much for agreeing to display your talents and message with our children.  Your concert was professional, engaging, and message-focused.  All of our 500+ students are still talking about it and they had a great time “rocking out” to your music.” 


Student Testimonials

“Her workshop was empowering. It helped me realize the cage I was trapped in and it also showed me how to break out. See, my name is Africa Jordan and I was put in the group of expectations, but part of me was also put with the other groups, judgment and fear. At the end, she explained that not all of our cages were broken. The group of judgment did not break their cages due to the fact that they did everything she did perfectly because they worried about her judgment. Fear did come up because instead of being in their own little group like before, they dispersed at the tables. Last but not least, the group of expectations followed every expectation in the book. Some cages were broken and we’re given the opportunity to be freed. This by far was the best workshop I’ve ever been to.”
— Africa Jordan, 9th Grade Student

“I thought she was the best poet I ever heard. It was creative and she started from 6th grade. It made me feel happy because I never seen a talented poet in my life, and it felt cool.”
— Andrew Montano-Ventura, 6th Grade Student

“I thought it was inspiring and very touching, especially the songs. It made me feel that anything is possible. I think she’s a great influence to younger kids.”
— Emeli Sanchez, 6th Grade Student





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